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SALLY HANSEN Go Toe To Toe Toenail Nipper

Clip and cut the toughest toenails with ease.
Maintained toenails are important for a daily beauty regimen.
PREP Soak feet in warm water to soften toenails. TRIM Squeeze handles to open nippers. Position nail between blades and gently but firmly squeeze handles to trim; start at one side of the nail and cut across. Careful! Avoid cutting into nail corners to help prevent ingrown toenails. TREAT Massage feet with Sally Hansen Moisturizing Foot Cream CARE Keep me clean for good hygienesoak blades in alcohol for a few minutes to sanitize. Hold handles closed and lock.
Extra-strong blade
Spring-action grip for comfort and control
Angled blades for better visibility
Easy lock
Contoured handle for controlled grip
Stainless steel
SKU: SH80620