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KARA BEAUTY La Chica Enamorada Shadow Palette ES79

Introducing our Juegos Latino inspired collection. This Collection includes three custom made playing cards. Designed by Latinos for Latinos.

Connecting beauty and culture all in one. When you think of playing Juegos Latinos  and all the happiness it brings families, Here at Kara Beauty we believe all of our #KaraBabes are family.

We hope you enjoy this collection just as much as we enjoyed putting it together for the Hispanic Culture. 

ES79 La Chica Enamorada

Hook: Estoy Sonando.No estoy Sonado Estoy Sonado. (Accent mark on n) 

Soy La Chica Enamorada Twenty-four shades of pure love! This dreamy palette is centered around vibrant and intense pinks and purples.

Being so verstible you can create intense, and sweet looks with our buttery mattes. Just like eye candy, our Chica comes with duo-chromatic shimmers, and solid shimmers. 

This palette includes our natural soft browns to soften out any glam. This Chica is equipped and built with a mirror.

Net Wt. 43.2g / 1.52oz