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ABSOLUTE Charcoal Display Set, 39 pcs

CLARIFY YOUR PORES WITH THE NATURAL POWER OF CHARCOAL Charcoal attracts blackheads & impurities like a magnet by binding to and pulling dirt, sebum, black & whiteheads out of pores to deep clean and minimize them. Bring forth your most clarified, detoxified, pure skin.

Display set comes with;

-ACS01 Charcoal Cleansing Tissue X 3 pcs

-ACS02 Charcoal Cleansing Oil X 3 pcs

-ACS03 Charcoal Peel-off Mask X 3 pcs

-ACS04 Charcoal Bubbling Mask X 24 pcs

-ACS05 Charcoal 2-step Pore Strip X 6 pcs